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Brentwood Police Department

Brentwood Police Department Organizational Structure


The Chief and Assistant Chief administer the department and are responsible for:

  • Strategic goals of the department
  • Overseeing standard operating procedures
  • Professional standards of the department
  • Annual departmental budget
  • Division's progress and development
  • Training and continuing education
  • Public Information Officer
  • Communications


Under direct supervision of the Assistant Chief, the patrol division is comprised of four rotating shifts staffed by a Sergeant, Corporal and three uniformed officers. The patrol division is responsible for daily functions, including:

  • Traffic enforcement
  • Accidents
  • Enforcing state, county and municipal ordinances
  • Serving arrest warrants
  • Booking arrested subjects
  • Transporting prisoners
  • Taking original police report
  • Conducting preliminary investigations


Under the supervision of the Assistant Chief, the detective bureau is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, two detectives, one Juvenile/DARE/School Resource Officer and one traffic officer. Their duties include:

  • Investigate misdemeanor and felony cases
  • Process crime scenes and evidence
  • Interrogate suspects
  • Gather witness statements
  • Arrest suspects
  • Make formal warrant applications
  • Conduct seminars for businesses and banks concerning theft and loss.

The Juvenile Detective investigates crimes related to juveniles. He works closely with the Family

Court of St. Louis County and case workers assigned from the Division of Child Abuse and Neglect. He also teaches the DARE program in Brentwood schools.


  • Speed Monitoring Device - mobile device monitors traffic speed and volume
  • Code Red - telephone message alert
  • Bike Patrol - uniform bike unit
  • Vacation checks - daily residential home checks while you are out of town