1. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Follow Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube channel for kid friendly fitness and exercise demonstrations.

2. 20 Online

Stay active by following 20 Online for kid friendly fitness videos. 

3. GoNoodle

Dance and move to music on GoNoodles YouTube channel. 

4. STL Hockey Training

Utilize STL Hockey Trainings Youtube channel to practice hockey agility training, stick handling and shooting drills from home.

5. Tyler Hockey

Practice hockey in the comfort of your own home with Tyler Hockey on Facebook.

6. PE with Joe

Take a PE class online with Joe Wicks! You don’t need any equipment, just tune in to his YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout.

7. NPRA Summer Camp Dance

Take some time out of your day to learn a new dance!

8. Synergy Hockey Skills

Watch and practice off-ice training drills with coaches from Synergy Hockey Skills on Facebook. All you need is a hockey stick and a driveway.

9. Excel Taekwondo 

Participate in a Taekwondo lesson from your house. These exercises are for both kids and adults. A link to the most recent Facebook post is below. 

10. NHL

NHL has created a free STEM/hockey learning program to keep students and parents engaged at home.