Planning & Development

The Department of Planning & Development serves the citizens of Brentwood by establishing an organizational link between traditional (both current and long range) planning and economic development, as well as incorporating the zoning administration, code enforcement and building permit functions. The realignment of these functions serve as a resource for commercial and residential development community by providing for easier interaction with the City, offering an opportunity to operate with greater overall efficiency, and creating a more unified, coordinated development effort.

The Planning & Development Department is responsible for new construction as well as inspecting existing housing to ascertain conformance to codes. The zoning enforcement is also handled by this department and is responsible for land use code enforcement in the city. Building codes are listed in Chapter 500 of the Brentwood City Code. Land use is determined by the regulations covered in Chapter 400 of the Brentwood City Code.

The city uses the following national and international codes:

2009 International Series

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Property Maintenance
  • Fire
  • Fuel Gas
  • Energy

2008 National Electric Code