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Posted on: March 12, 2018

Brentwood Police Department Update on Brentwood Metro Parking Garage Attempted Carjacking

A robbery, assault and attempted carjacking occurred in the Metro garage in Brentwood on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, at approximately 7:46 p.m. The Clayton Police Department provided information that identified one of the suspects. The Brentwood Police Department (BPD) detective bureau made several arrest attempts but was unable to locate the suspect. Details about the incident were not released to the public at the time because the BPD wanted to locate the suspect so he would not flee the area (he had ties to Illinois) and so they would have the opportunity for a successful interview; had the suspect known he was being sought for arrest, this may have hampered these efforts.

During the week of March 5, 2018, the Brentwood Police Department provided background information about the incident to the St. Louis Regional CrimeStoppers.

Two of the suspects are now in custody. Christopher Mitchell, 23, and Alexis Jones, 21, have been charged with Attempted Robbery Second Degree. The third suspect’s identity has been confirmed.

Major Joseph Spiess, Jr. joined the Brentwood Police Department as its new police chief today, March 12. Spiess has identified three steps the department will take in response to this incident:

- Conduct a security assessment of the garage from a technology standpoint

- Schedule supplemental patrols to assist with existing security efforts in the garage and surrounding area

- Offer a free citizen safety course to increase awareness and help address situations like what happened in the garage; date and details about this course are to be announced

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