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Emergency Alert

272 Hanley Industrial
Brentwood, MO 63144

Dispatch 314-644-7100


To request a copy of a vehicular accident report, call 314.962.4800 to request a copy of the report to be picked up at City Hall for a $6 fee. Please allow 10 business days following the accident for the report to be ready. Some reports may take longer to process due to the nature of the accident/incident.

Name Title Email Phone
Spiess, Joseph Police Chief 314-644-7100
Bone, Tim Detective 314-644-7100
Bowersox, Josh Officer 314-644-7100
Carman, Hattie Sergeant 314-644-7100
Clayton, Paul Officer 314-644-7100
Collins, Michael Officer 314-644-7100
Diaz, Eric Officer 314-644-7100
Drexl, Ben Officer 314-644-7100
Eisenbeis, Craig Detective 314-644-7100
Gibson, Chris Corporal 314-644-7100
Hopler, Brian Officer 314-644-7100
Lambert, Todd Corporal 314-644-7100
Lang, Nick Officer 314-644-7100
Litschgi, Rick Detective 314-644-7100
Manestar, Jeff Sergeant 314-644-7100
McIntyre, James Assistant Police Chief 314-644-7100
Morgan, Matt Corporal 314-644-7100
Mueller, Timothy Officer 314-644-7100
Mundorf, Seth Officer 314-644-7100
Nilson, Nick Detective 314-644-7100
Phelps, Elmer Lieutenant 314-644-7100
Retzlaff, Dan Coporal 314-644-7100
Seiverling, Nick Officer 314-644-7100
Simpson, Jason Detective Sgt. 314-644-7100
Stanze, Nick Corporal 314-644-7100
Sullivan, Joe Officer 314-644-7100
Wurth, Scott Officer 314-644-7100