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Police Department

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1. When I call police, what information should I have ready to give them?
2. What is curfew for juveniles?
3. Will police respond if I lock my keys in the car?
4. What should I do if a police officer stops me while I’m driving?
5. Where do I go to pay a traffic citation or a parking ticket?
6. What should I do if involved in a traffic crash?
7. What should I do if I witness the crash?
8. I observe a reckless driver. Can I report him?
9. What should I do if I witness criminal activity or I am a victim of a crime in Brentwood?
10. What can I do to crime-proof my home or business?
11. Who is the Brentwood Police Chief and how many officers does Brentwood have?
12. What is the difference between a police officer and a detective?
13. How does 911 work?
14. When should I call 911?