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The Brentwood Police Department has initiated a voluntary citizen program called “Neighborhood Eyes”.  Residents will have the opportunity to register their security camera system with the police department.  This program has been successful in other communities in solving neighborhood crime.

In the last few months, security camera systems have become more prevalent in our area.  Several citizens in Brentwood, and neighboring cities, have provided police with security video showing suspects on their property entering their vehicles.  This information is helpful to our investigators as they try to solve these crimes.  When you register in this program, we may contact you after a crime in your neighborhood, and ask you to provide video that may help our investigation.  This program is completely voluntary.

If you would like to participate, please provide your name, address and phone number, along with any information about your security camera system you would like to share (eg. location of camera, number of camera’s, etc.). Our contact at the Brentwood PD is Det. Sgt. Jason Simpson at or 963-8620.