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Attached Garage Building Code Change



On February 2, 2004, the Board of Aldermen voted to enact changes in the building codes of Brentwood. These changes apply only to attached garages – one or more cars - on new homes. The fire rated assemblies must also be added for existing homes in which the garages or other rooms are extensively remodeled or are new additions to the house. This change will allow more time to get the occupants of the home safely to the outside. Additionally, the increased fire resistance will offer greater protection to your belongings inside your home.

The changes requires the following:
  1. A one-hour fire rated treatment to be applied to all walls as well as the ceiling of the garage. 
  2. The door (if there is one) from the house to the garage must be a one-hour fire rated door in a one-hour rated door frame. 
  3. A heat alarm with a battery back up is to be installed in the garage that is interconnected to the smoke detectors required in the house itself.

The walls can be converted to one-hour walls by applying a fire resistant drywall over the studs. The store selling this product to you can tell you how to apply the various products they sell to achieve that one-hour fire rating. Or, the contractor you have hired to do this work can furnish evidence the product he is using has been tested and proven to achieve a one-hour fire rating. The same applies to the door and frame. It is not necessary for the vehicle (normally an overhead) door to be a rated door assembly. Your electrician will be able to locate a heat detector and can accomplish the interconnection with the smoke alarms.

Again, this change does not apply to the housing in Brentwood unless it is new construction or the work involves remodeling of the existing garage or a significant room addition or remodeling. This fire rating is not invoked with the housing inspection that occurs when selling your home or changing tenants unless the home is a new home. If you have any questions, contact one of the building inspectors or the Fire Marshal at (314) 962-4800. We hope you share our belief the benefit is well worth the cost.