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 Brentwood Fire Department Logo  Frequently Asked Questions

Infant & Toddler Car Seat Installation

Q.    Does the Brentwood Fire Department install and/or check infant & toddler car seats?

A.  Yes.  Please arrange for an appointment by calling 314.963-8612 or email           

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors –

Q.  Does the Brentwood Fire Department install and/or check residential smoke and carbon
      monoxide detectors?    Can I get a free smoke detector from the fire 

A.    Your fire department will install your smoke detector and / or replace batteries within your smoke or carbon monoxide detector; however, we do not provide smoke detectors to the public.

Fire Extinguishers - 

Q.  How do I dispose of my old or used fire extinguisher?

A.    Fire extinguisher companies will take old fire extinguishers; or you can empty them and discard them in the trash.  Empty fire extinguishers outside only – preferably into a trash can.  Stay upwind of the discharge.  The dry chemical in fire extinguishers is not considered hazardous, but can cause respiratory issues if inhaled.  DO NOT discard fire extinguishers in the trash unless the gauge indicates that there is no pressure.

Medicine, Sharps & Medical Syringe Disposal-

Q.    How do I dispose of unused medicine, Sharps (Epi pens) and other medical syringes?  

A.    The Brentwood Police Department has a medicine disposal container inside the police department lobby for use by our residents at their convenience.  According to the Saint Louis County Waste Code Section 607.897, residents can dispose of sharps in their regular trash. To protect sanitation workers, they must be packaged in rigid, leak-proof and puncture resistant containers (detergent bottle, for example), which are sealed prior to disposal.
Please DO NOT put these containers in the recycling!

BBQ Grills/Fire Pits/Bon Fires –

Q.  Are fire pits and bonfires allowed within the city limits?  Are BBQ grills and fire pits allowed on 
     apartment/condo balconies? 

A.    Fire pits and contained-backyard fires are permitted within Brentwood, but some conditions exist.  You may not burn trash; open burning other than for recreational use requires a permit (from the Building Department at City Hall); the burn-area cannot be larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high (if not contained within a fireplace or BBQ grill); recreational fire must be attended at all times with a garden hose or fire extinguisher present until fire is completely out.  Additionally, recreational fire must be at least 25 feet away from area combustibles and structures; any fire spread condition must be eliminated and open burning may not endanger any adjacent property or structure.

      BBQ grills and fire pits are NOT ALLOWED on balconies of condos or apartments.