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Forestry Services


  • Certified Arborist on staff 
  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Christmas Tree Recycling
  • Maintenance of Trees on Public Property
  • Grants for Forestry Projects
  • Arbor Day Ceremony held annually in April
  • Maintains Tree City, USA certification for the City of Brentwood. Qualifications for the award include celebrating Arbor Day, expending a minimum of $2 per capita on forestry, having an established tree ordinance and a board that governs forestry.  The City has been recognized since 1980. 

Christmas Tree Recycling
Crews pick up Christmas trees during normal working hours beginning the first business day after Christmas and continuing through January. Trees are put through a chipper and the chips are then used for the parks. Trees cannot be accepted with any decoration such as lights and stands as these items will damage the chipper thereby delaying the service.

Storm Damage
Strong, healthy trees are less susceptible to damage from storms. To keep trees their strongest, remember the following:

  • Keep trees properly pruned and thinned throughout the year.
  • Closely monitor whether your tree appears to have any pest infestations or any of the common symptoms of decline. These symptoms include tree branch tip dieback, conks or galls, wilting leaves, fruiting bodies, or hollow spots. Many of these defects can be detrimental to the health and life of your tree.

Even a healthy tree can experience damage from storms such as wind damage and lightning strikes. When attempting to remove storm damage from your property always ensure first there are no electrical hazards. If an electrical hazard exists, stay away and keep others away from that vicinity then call Ameren UE immediately. Never attempt to remove or cut brush when an electrical hazard exists.

After a storm, city crews begin picking up tree damage within a week. In the event that this happens there are a couple things you can do to help assist the city with cleanup. Please cut and move all brush from the rear of your property to the curbline. Stack brush in such a way that all the butt ends of the branches face one way. Do not pile all your logs and leaves on top of the piles of brush. Leave brush in long, straight sections. This makes it quicker and much easier for us to chip. Logs can be stacked to the side and will be picked up after the brush is removed. The City of Brentwood also offers the option of yard waste removal for the smaller storm damage by our municipal waste service. The guidelines for disposal are: all yard waste must be put in a yard waste can, recyclable bag, or brush can be cut and bundled.

When bundling brush, brush must be cut no longer than 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter and may not weigh over 40 lbs. Brush and yard waste must be tied with nylon string or twine. Please no wire or metal ties. Yard waste pick up will be on Wednesday of every week.