Mosquito Control

In an effort to protect public health and improve the quality of life for our residents, the City of Brentwood contracts with St. Louis County Vector Control Services for control of mosquito larvae. Although no method of mosquito control is 100 percent effective, larvicide does offer some control of the mosquito population.

Previous Methods

For several years, the Public Works Department provided mosquito adulticide services, a weekly application of mosquito control spray in residential areas throughout the City from late May to mid-September. In October 2018, the Board of Aldermen agreed to discontinue this service except for special events such as Brentwood Days and Brentwood Beats. The adulticide services were not effective in reducing the mosquito population and instead harmed other, beneficial insects.

The Public Works Committee discussed this issue during many meetings. Effectiveness, not cost, was a key factor in the decision to discontinue the service. The chemical had to make direct contact with the mosquitoes to be effective. The spraying had to be done in the evenings when mosquitoes are active but also at a time when other insects would not be harmed. Many residents opted out of the service, so the operator would turn off the sprayer when reaching the addresses of homeowners who opted out. Dispersion was also a factor in the decision. The weather conditions at the time of spraying had to be perfect for the chemical to reach beyond the street or front yard.

Tips for Reducing Mosquitoes on Your Property

We encourage residents to keep your lawns mowed, keep rain gutters clean, remove standing water on your private property and complete other preventive measures to reduce potential mosquito breeding locations. Additional tips:

  • Clean up trash or litter around your yard 
  • Remove or regularly flush places where water can collect around your home, including pet dishes, bird baths, fountains, flower pots and old tires
  • Don’t let water accumulate in rain gutters, piles of leaves, or in vegetation 
  • Remove sources of standing water in and around your home in plant pot saucers, pool tarps, etc. 
  • Tightly cover water storage containers (rain barrels, etc.) 
  • For containers without lids, use wire mesh with holes smaller than an adult mosquito 
Mosquito Control Graphic