Street Light Project

In 2017, Public Works staff, in conjunction with the Public Works Committee, identified areas in the City of Brentwood's rights-of-way to improve existing street lighting conditions. Public Works staff measured ambient light levels, prepared cost estimates, and compiled a draft list of proposed light locations. 

In 2018, the Public Works Department gathered feedback from residents and finalized street light addition locations. Throughout 2019, Ameren conducted field investigations to determine if adequate power source poles were available for connecting the existing power source to the proposed street light locations. In May 2019, Public Works used Ameren's power source pole information for 20 proposed street lights and prepared a Request for Proposals (RFP). 

Public Works presented the bid proposals with a recommendation to the Public Works Committee in June 2019. The committee's recommendation advanced to the Board of Aldermen in mid-June 2019. Public Works issued another RFP later in summer 2019 based on Ameren's next round of field investigations. 

In the first quarter of 2020, Ameren completed installation of 20 streets lights at the following locations:

9400 Tilles Drive
9400/9414 Parkside Drive
9372 Parkside Drive
9361 Parkside Drive
9400 Pine Avenue
9400 Sonora Avenue
2200 Hatton Lane
2007 Parkridge Avenue
2123 Parkridge Avenue
9146 Lawn Avenue
9143 Pine Avenue
11 Stratford Avenue
Helen Court
2516 Melvin Avenue
1632 High School Drive
1464 High School Drive
1763/1765 High School Drive
1467 Oriole Place
High School Drive between West Swan Circle and Lawn Avenue
Bobolink Place near the corner of Eager Road

The Ameren street lights are post-top style luminaires with LED lights attached to decorative fiberglass posts. The street lights use underground conduits and wiring for the AC-power supplied by nearby Ameren facilities.

As part of the City of Brentwood’s sustainability goals, some street light locations could be investigated for possible solar light installations. In FY 2019, Public Works installed three solar street lights at the following locations: Laverne Court, Barnstable Court, and Bedford Drive. In FY 2020, additional solar street lights were purchased for installation locations in York Village.

In FY 2021, Public Works will discuss future street light locations with the Public Works Committee and determine which locations are viable to advance to the construction phase.

Solar-Powered Street Light on Barnstable Court