City Government

The City of Brentwood government is comprised of a Mayor and eight-member Board of Aldermen. Each official is elected to a two-year term. The regular meetings of the Board of Aldermen are held on the first and third Mondays at 7 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers. During the summer months, the Board meets on the third Monday. If a meeting date falls on a holiday, the Board meets on Tuesday of that week. Special meetings are held as needed.

Vision Statement

The City of Brentwood, known as the "City of Warmth," is a family and neighborhood-oriented community that values:

  • Affordable housing choices, distinctive neighborhoods, and a variety of housing options;
  • Cohesive, pedestrian-friendly, commercial mixed use “places” that serve the needs of regional and community markets;
  • Safe and efficient travel between residences, commerce, community activities, and work in the transportation mode of choice;
  • Effective and efficient government that serves the needs of Brentwood residents and businesses and operates in a process of continuous improvement; and
  • Preservation and enhancement of public and private spaces to create a “sense of place” for Brentwood.