Little Veterinarian School


Little Medical School inspires young minds by sharing our passion for learning, health, and careers in medicine. Through hands-on activities, role-play, and interactive demonstrations, children explore the exciting world of healthcare professionals. 

Saturdays, Jan 18 - Feb 22
Brentwood Community Center
10 a.m. 
Resident: $95
Non-Resident: $100

Call 314.963.8689 to register and for more information.

Class 1: What is the Veterinarian's Office
Students will assume the role of a veterinarian and perform a nose-to-tail exam and assessment on their newly adopted plush dog.

Class 2: The ABC's of Dog Care
Students will learn about dog nutrition and hydration and how to make healthy treats.

Class 3: Laceration
Students will learn about dog injuries and how to prepare and sew stitches.

Class 4: Sick of Ticks!
Students will learn what ticks are, how to check for them, and the proper techniques for removing them.

Class 5: Immunizations
Students will learn about antibodies and antigens, and how to properly vaccinate their dog.

Class 6: Let's go to the Vet's Office!
Students will learn about the different types of veterinarians and graduate from Little Veterinarian School!