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Flood Mitigation Studies

The Deer Creek Flood Mitigation presentation is a study presented to the Board of Aldermen at the March 6, 2017 meeting by Mayor Thornton. This study simply indicates that the ideas presented in the study are feasible and provides a very high level view of what might be required should the Board and the citizens of Brentwood choose to pursue this objective. Mitigation of the flooding along Deer Creek is possible and doing so would, at a minimum, require significant changes to the properties abutting the creek. The study shows there would be a significant positive impact on the entire area.


Deer Creek Flood Mitigation - March 2017

Deer Creek to Rogers Parkway Study - April 2016

City of Brentwood Flood Risk Mitigation Analysis - September 2014

Preliminary Flood Mitigation Study for Deer Creek in Brentwood - August 2013