Conflict of Interests Disclosure

The City of Brentwood passed Ordinance 4713 on May 16, 2016, which has been codified under Title I of the Revised Code of Ordinances of the City of Brentwood, Missouri, Chapter 115: Officers and Employees.

The purpose of this ordinance is to set forth standards of conduct for elected and appointed officials as well as employees of the City of Brentwood. This ordinance also provides references to certain state statutes that define and regulate the conduct of officers and employees of municipal government. The proper operation of municipal government requires that public officials and employees be independent, impartial, and responsible to the people; that government decisions and policy be made in the proper channels of the government structure; that public office not be used for personal gain; and that the public have confidence in the integrity of its government. 

In recognition of these goals, there is hereby established a procedure for disclosure and/or recusal of officials and employees faced with financial or personal conflicts of interest in matters affecting the City. All elected and appointed officials as well as employees of the City of Brentwood shall comply with Section 105.452 and 105.454 RSMo., on conflicts of interest as well as any other State law governing official conduct.

The disclosure reports, on a form acceptable to the Missouri Ethics Commission, shall be made available by the office of the City Clerk for distribution electronically, by telephone fax, and by regular mail. The City Clerk will send a notice in the month of January every year reminding the elected and appointed officials, as well as the City employees of their obligations under this ordinance. Completed disclosure reports shall be filed with the City Clerk and with the Missouri Ethics Commission in accordance with the Commission’s requirements. The reports shall be available for public inspection and copying during normal business hours.