Estimated Timeline

This is an estimated timeline; dates may be adjusted.


Gather community feedback on the Brentwood Bound projects

Spring 2019

Finalize funding for Brentwood Bound projects

2019-Fall 2020

Permitting, property acquisition and final design

Summer 2020-2022

Construction of Deer Creek Flood Mitigation, Manchester Road Improvements and Deer Creek Greenway Connector


Deer Creek Flood Mitigation Project

City Property Acquisitions - 7/2018-5/2019

The City will acquire properties needed as part of the construction of the Deer Creek Flood Mitigation project.

Design/Permitting - 8/2018-2/2020

Jacobs Engineering will work on surveying, geotechnical research, wetland research, and design for 18 months. Throughout the design process, Jacobs will work with key agencies to ensure permitting and approvals are received at the time that the design is completed. 

Demolition Work - 5/2019-2/2020

After the City has acquired the required properties, the City will demolish the applicable buildings and begin prepping the site for construction.

Flood Mitigation Construction - 3/2020-3/2022

After the design is completed, and the permits are received, and the site is prepared, construction will begin and will last 24 months. 

Manchester Road Improvement Project

Right-of-Way Plans - 5/2018-10/2018

60%-complete drawings are used to determine which properties are needed in order to construct the Manchester Road Improvements design. MoDOT will use these drawings to begin preparing offers to talk with property owners about purchasing easements or acquiring their property. 

MoDOT property acquisitions - 10/2018-2/2020

MoDOT, with the help of its consultants, will approach property owners to acquire easements and properties in order to proceed with the Manchester Road Improvement project in Brentwood. 

Final Drawings - 10/2018-3/2020

While the needed properties are being acquired, TWM (Design Engineer) will complete the drawings and prepare them for permitting and final agency approvals. 

Permitting/Approvals - 3/2020-6/2020

After the final drawings are complete, they will be issued to all governing agencies for permitting and approvals. This includes but is not limited to City of Brentwood, MoDOT, MSD.

Bidding/Procurement - 6/2020-9/2020

After receiving the permits and approvals from the required agencies, MoDOT will put the project out to bid. This time frame includes bidding, review of bids and final approval of recommended bidder. 

Construction - 10/2020-12/2022

After MoDOT approves the recommended bidder, construction will begin. As of August 2018, MoDOT plans for this project to take 24-26 months to construct.