Deer Creek Flood Mitigation

Flooding has long been a plague to the area along Deer Creek between Hanley Road and South Brentwood Boulevard, with 26 floods since 1957 causing significant public safety issues and property damage. The flood mitigation component of Brentwood Bound includes improvements to Deer Creek that will create more flow capacity along the creek to alleviate frequent widespread flooding and provide opportunities for businesses in the area.

Project Details

Implement improvements including:

Streambank stabilization
Native vegetation planting
Natural floodplain restoration (benching and widening)

The improvements will:

Enhance public safety
Revitalize an underutilized area by creating opportunity for development of the Manchester Road corridor in the City
Reduce emergency response and flood clean-up costs and increase taxable revenue
Reduce number of flood-prone properties
Expand overbank area and restore floodplain