I have water backing up in the drain in the basement. What should I do?


1. Sewer lateral backup occurs.
2. Property owner contacts licensed plumber to open sewer lateral blockage.
3. Property owner pays plumber for opening sewer lateral flow.
4. If sewer lateral flow opens and no qualified defect exists, then the issue is resolved at this point.
5. If sewer lateral shows evidence of defect(s), the property owner contacts Brentwood Public Works, completes Sewer Lateral Repair Program Application, obtains three (3) repair quotes and submits the quotes to Public Works.
6. Public Works staff conducts investigation to determine if repairs qualify for the program and reviews the three submitted repair quotes.
7. Public Works contacts property owner, discusses repair quotes, and with owner’s input accepts quote in the best interest to City of Brentwood.
8. Property owner hires mutually approved contractor and pays respective share of repair costs. Repairs up to $3,500 will be paid by City of Brentwood; property owner pays for repairs exceeding $3,500.

In an emergency situation, if the blockage is not removed/defect detected/sewer lateral collapsed, then the property owner may only need one quote in step 5. 

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