What improvements are planned for Manchester Road?

The City of Brentwood is working with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to update the roadway, improve pedestrian access and safety, and enhance the overall appearance of Manchester Road from Hanley Road to Bremerton Road. 

Additionally, the Brentwood Bound plan will add a pedestrian tunnel at the Mary Avenue intersection, provide for more sidewalks and important ADA improvements, and upgrade traffic signals in the area, making it a much easier place for pedestrians to navigate.

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1. What improvements are planned for Manchester Road?
2. How will sidewalks be improved?
3. How will traffic be impacted during construction?
4. Why is there a tunnel planned at Mary Avenue?
5. How is the Mary Avenue tunnel being funded?
6. How will water be kept out of the tunnel at Mary Avenue?
7. What is the plan for Van Mark Way?
8. Will the power lines along Manchester Road be buried?
9. Where will pedestrian crossings be located along Manchester Road?