How will traffic be impacted during construction?

To minimize the impact on traffic, MoDOT plans to complete most resurfacing overnight, with no more than two lanes closed at a time. All lanes are expected to remain open during most days of construction.

Sidewalk construction and the rebuilding of business entrances will also be coordinated to minimize impact, with crews working in either MoDOT’s right-of-way or on private property (in which the department has obtained an easement). Crews will make sure customers can access all businesses at all times.

A portion of the project will replace the bridge over Black Creek west of the Manchester Road and Hanley Road intersection. 

Black Creek Bridge on Manchester Road (just west of the intersection with Hanley Road) closed on May 2, 2022 and remained closed through September 2022

This full roadway closure will prevent traffic from going west from Hanley Road to Manchester Road. The closure also will prevent traffic from going east on Manchester Road to Hanley Road.

During the closure, vehicles will still be able to access businesses and residences along the Manchester Road corridor from Brentwood Boulevard. 

During the same time, work will take place on the pedestrian tunnel near Mary Avenue. This work will reduce Manchester Road traffic to one lane in each travel direction.

For project details and updates, visit: 

Route 100 (Manchester) resurfacing from Route 61/67 to I-270

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