Clear to Launch

Clear to Launch

In April 2021, LFS Holdings LLC, purchased the property at 241 Hanley Industrial Court. In 2022, they applied to the City of Brentwood for Site Development Plan Approval for a new office and assembly space and parking garage for the property. The property includes 186 feet of frontage along Hanley Industrial Court and is located approximately 200 feet north of the Hanley Industrial Court intersection west of S. Hanley Road. The site is 1.02 acres in size, and the very rear of the parcel is in a 100-year floodplain not impacted by this project. The property north, west, and south of the subject property is zoned Light Industrial, and the property to the east is zoned PD, Planned Development Overlay. 

The project, named “Clear to Launch,” is essentially a two-story warehouse-type structure of approximately 14, 845 square feet with various ground floor recreation uses, office spaces, reception and waiting area, kitchen, pantry, and storage, restroom and shower facilities. 

The building is comprised of 4,265 square feet of office space, and the remaining space will be assembly space (approximately 6,823 sq. ft.) and a parking garage (approximately 4,2245 sq. ft.) that includes 10 stalls. These recreational spaces will used by the building owners, employees and guests. 

A mezzanine level within the ground floor footprint provides eight office spaces, a conference room and restrooms. The building will include a plaza floor level about the parking garage. The building will also include additional paved parking and driveway areas. The on-site parking includes the 10 stalls within the parking structure and 14 paved surface parking stalls. An attached ground level parking garage is located on the north side of the building with a terrace on the roof that is accessible from the second level mezzanine office space. 

This is proposed to be a tech incubator/start up space for technology-related entities.