Boards, Commissions and Committees

At the first meeting of the Board of Aldermen after each annual election, the Mayor appoints the Chairs and members of all standing committees based on advice and consent from the Board of Aldermen members. 

Only members of the Board of Aldermen are eligible to serve on the following standing committees: Public Safety, Public Works, and Ways and Means. 

The number of members on each committee is determined by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen at the time of appointment. Members of the Board of Aldermen and any resident of the City of Brentwood who is a qualified voter under the laws and Constitution of this State and this City can serve on all other standing committees.

Please see the Volunteer Interest Form (PDF) for information about volunteering for a Brentwood board, commission or committee. For additional information, please contact the City Administrator, 314.962.4800.

Architectural Review Board

Established to review applications for residential building permits and those applications directed by the Planning and Development Department or the Planning and Zoning Commission, to ensure compliance with architectural standards and compatibility of design with existing structures in the City. 

Board of Adjustment

Established to hear and decide appeals and requests for variances from the floodplain management requirements. When an application is denied by the Floodplain Administrator, the applicant may apply for a floodplain development permit or variance directly to the Appeal Board. 

Brentwood Redevelopment Corporation

Established to recommend policy or policy revisions or expenditures of funds to the Board of Aldermen. The primary purpose is to confer through approval the allocation or issuance of tax credits, tax abatement, public debt, tax exempt debt, rights of eminent domain or the contracting of lease-back agreements on structures with annual payments that commit public tax revenues. The Redevelopment Corporation is authorized by state statute under RSMo Chapter 353.

Communications Committee

Established to provide legislative oversight over matters relating to the communication efforts of the City and review all ordinances relating to communication programs, platforms and policies.  

Economic Development Sales Tax Board

Established to review, make recommendations and vote on proposed economic development plans, economic development projects or designations of an economic development area. The Board of Aldermen has final determination on use and expenditure of funds received from the tax. The Economic Development Sales Tax Board is authorized by Ordinance 4913.
Bylaws (PDF)

Library Board

The Library Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss and decide upon library policy with regard to the library’s future. The board advises on the operation, expansion and level of service provided by the Library. The board also recommends policy regarding selection of library material and the use of Library meeting room space.

Planning and Zoning Commission

Established to advise the Board of Aldermen on how best to preserve and protect the existing residential and business community and provide for, plan, guide and direct the development, redevelopment and growth of the City. The Planning and Zoning Commission is authorized by state statute under RSMo Chapter 89.

Public Safety Committee

Established to review all ordinances and have legislative oversight relating to the Police Department, Fire Department, public safety and fire safety. 

Public Works Committee

Established to have legislative oversight over all matters relating to sewers and sewage disposal, streets, sidewalks, parks and recreation, planning, zoning and development.

TIF Commission

This commission reviews proposals for the improvement of blight, or deteriorating areas within the City of Brentwood, considering the use of tax increment financing (TIF) districts.

Sustainability Commission

Established to foster policies and programs that will create energy conservation, environmental improvement and sustainability of resources in the City of Brentwood. The Commission shall recommend policies to the Public Works Committee of the Board of Aldermen. Ordinance 4941: Sustainability Commission

Ways & Means Committee

Established to review all ordinances relating to licenses and occupational regulations in addition to legislative oversight over City financial affairs.