City of Brentwood Police and Firefighters' Pension Trust

The City of Brentwood established a Plan to supplement income for Brentwood Police and Firefighters upon retirement from the City. This plan is known as "City of Brentwood Police and Firefighters' Pension Trust."

The Plan may provide benefits in the event of death, disability or in the event of termination of employment prior to normal retirement age. The Board of Trustees of the City of Brentwood Police and Firefighters' Pension Trust, which holds assets funding the Plan, administers the Plan and is responsible for the investment of assets funding the Plan.

The Board has responsibility for making all discretionary determinations under the Plan and making distributions from the Fund. The persons who compose the Board may change from time to time.

The Board consists of persons holding the following offices:

(a) Mayor of the City;

(b) Alderman of the City;

(c) Treasurer of the City;

(d) Chief of the City's Police Department;

(e) Chief of the City's Fire Department.

The Board also includes a Firefighter and Police Officer below the rank of Chief.