An Occupancy Permit is required prior to OWNERSHIP changes OR a TENANT change.

All permitting is done online through the MyGov System.

Step-by-step guide for Residents/Property Manager/Real Estate Agent

  1. Register as a Collaborator. Choose the type that best describes you (Homeowner/Real Estate Agent/Property Manager) Save your Login and Password for future use.
  2. Follow the Validation instructions-you have 5 minutes for this step 
  3. Make New Request -The project type is Occupancy 
  4. Schedule the Inspection- once the permit is issued you can  Schedule an Inspection                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              New Tenant/Owner to complete Steps 5-8 at Brentwood City Hall
  5. Complete the Residential Occupancy Form
  6. Provide Valid Photo IDs for occupants 18+
  7. Pay $45 Permit Fee  
  8. Collect copies of the approved Occupancy Permit 

Change of Occupancy Form - This is to add additional tenant(s) or when occupants change. The Head of Household must remain the same.

Occupancy Procedure

Residential Occupancy Inspection Guide

Please plan accordingly when submitting for a permit, as Registration takes 24-48 hours and Review takes up to 10 business days. Missing items or misinformation can cause a delay in the review of your project.

For assistance, please call 314.963.8602.

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